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That's when MB - Creative Studio was born! I had to create something unique to encompass my entire umbrella of creative services.   

I am passionate about all things creative and serving others. I love to sing scream in the car, wear hats, drink tea and martinis.

I adore my husband, fur babies, family and friends so much! I'm a work-A-Holic but I love it so it doesn't ever feel like work to me. When I am not at work, you can find me curled up on the couch with my hub and our fur babies watching an action movie while simultaneously scrolling Pinterest or shopping at the nearest mall. I'm a goofy Type-A creative lady!

I started out as a makeup artist, but I also offer other services such as Brand and Website Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing Management, Pinterest Management and other marketing services. I love social media and all the connections you can create!

I can help you look fab in front of a camera and manage the virtual aspects of your business. I have helped countless entrepreneurs find confidence in their brands and websites, booking more dream client, increasing bottom line results and soaking up seamless success. 

I was a photography makeup artist who went rogue to embrace my passion for design & Marketing.

I'm so thankful I never looked back.

Let me catch you up...

Marisa here!

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT from the MB - Creative Team

we never stop learning! no matter where our clients from, we elevate them with fresh ideas + knowledge to grow.


When creative minds come together, magic happens. 


How can you leave what you found in a better way? we go above and beyond to serve our clients.


we think outside of the box and encourage our clients + team to regularly be bold.


Our Core Values


Assess & Improve


Knowledge = Power

the magicians

Now Introducing:

Meet: Marisa Burgett

why she loves working at MB - Creative:

I created this company for all the dreamers. I wanted it to be a place where we put your vision into action. The best thing about
MB - Creative is our magical powers. When creatives get together, magic happens! 

Here's the facts:  

Type 2 on the Enneagram. INFP on the Myers Briggs! That is actually the most rare personality type. I'm a Virgo. Creative. Organized. Pizza and popcorn lover. Reading, painting and design are my favorite creative outlets. In another life, I was probably a mermaid or professional axe thrower. If I could have any magical power, I would choose invisibility. 


why she loves working at MB - Creative:

I love working for MB-Creative Agency! The thing that excites me the most is the possibility of growing, learning as much as possible, and seeing where that can take me! 

Here's the facts:  

I'm an enneagram type 2 and a Taurus.  I love anything & everything pretty! Working as a full-time bridal stylist, the industry has made me fall in love with fashion, beauty, and all things wedding. When I'm not at work or working on social media you can find me hanging out with my fiance, working out, or watching reality TV (my guilty pleasure).


why she loves working at MB - Creative:

I love the energy of MB-Creative Agency. Before I joined, I just really loved the aesthetic of MB-Creative Agency's website & social media and wanted to be part of a fun team that loves what they do.

Here's the facts:  

I'm a Pisces, Type 7 Enneagram + I loveee Queso from Las Margs! When I'm not working, you can find me playing animal crossing, eating good food, or having a yelling match with my husky. My magical power is that I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. 

Meet: Billie Lorraine

why she loves working at MB - Creative:

I love working for MB-Creative Agency because I get to flex my creativity muscle and learn new things! But the real reason I love working for MB-Creative Agency is because of Marisa! She is THE sweetest and has a lot of valuable knowledge to share with our team and clients!

Here's the facts:  

ENFJ. Capricorn. Enneagram Type 3. Crazy dog lady. Rose gold lover. Has a guilty pleasure for listening to modern hits played in a classical music fashion (like "thank u, next" from Bridgerton). When she's not working on a creative project, you can find her on a nature trail or in a pumpkin/sunflower patch! 

Meet: David Austin

why he loves working at MB - Creative:

I love working with a team of designers who all bring their own expirtise to the table to accomplish beautiful projects. The poeple I work with here truly accomplish magic! 

Here's the facts:  

INFJ. Detail oriented nerd who is always double checking. Typically stuck at a desk drinking cold brew but also always makes time to play with my doggo. 


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Oh, so you want to know more? Here's the facts:

Can I be Straight with you?

Frusterated, overwhelmed and flat out embarressed by website and branding that did not represent me anymore. 

It's discouraging.

I was (still am) a photography makeup artist for more than 7 years and invested thousands of dollars in products, tools and continuing education. All I wanted was to consistently book my dream clients and shine brighter than my competition. After spending hours designing a new website, I hit the lottery. Within weeks, I was booking sought-after clientele and surpassing my financial goals.

All because of a cohesive website and brand that was actually doing it's job! Simply converting. I could then focus on my craft, networking serving my clients, and actually running my business knowing that when someone was scrolling on my site, it was actually doing it's job! 

I was booked out for months and I even had to start turning potential clients away! (Which I really loathe doing!)  I was hooked. My craving for design, strategy and results was impossible to ignore. It was then that I realized I wanted to create the same experience for other creative entrepreneurs who faces the same issues. No one should feel alone in their business! I want to give others what I wish I had when I was just first starting out. 

So I went a little rogue, all the characters in any story usually do! I love helping other creative entrepreneurs shatter their glass ceilings into money making success stories. 

I've been there.

Ready to book out your business? 




We couldn't be more thrilled about the idea of us working together! Before getting started, we just want to ensure that we're a good fit for each other, so please fill out our Brand Application Below.

We only accept a handful of projects per year so that we can dedicate our undivided attention, care, and support for each client. Please get in touch as soon as possible to secure your spot on our calendar.

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