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Design and social media services that make people

Design and social media services that make people fall in love. 

Branding isn’t just an accessory, it’s your outfit.

Dress the part and start turning heads with a professional brand and online presence that will have clients begging to go out with you. If you're ready to have a brand that finally feels like the true authentic you... then you're in the right place. We work with beauty brands and wedding pros to turn your dreams into stunning reality. 


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We do things a bit differently around here - we’re not a regular creative agency, we’re a cool creative agency. We are a design studio that specializes in brand design and ShowIt websites for trend-setting entrepreneurs who want to bring their vision to life. Join hundreds of creatives who have uncovered the priceless value of an irresistible brand and strategic website - one that makes dream clients fall in love with you at first sight (or site, if you know what we mean). Because we specialize in these three areas of business, we’re able to understand your big picture goals and create plans that get you closer to bring your ultimate vision to life. We value boldness, improvement, creativity, knowledge, hard work, and exceed your expectations to create the best experience possible when we work together. 

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Hey there lovelies!
I'm Marisa Burgett, the founder of MB - Creative. I’ve always loved to hustle and help businesses show up as their true selves. I started out in the corporate world and climbed my way to the top while working with large brands that want to make an impact. But working in the corporate world just wasn’t meant to be, so when the pandemic hit, I went all-in with my business and haven’t looked back since! I’ve fallen in love with helping small business owners build a bulletproof brand that unites you with the clients you were always meant to serve.

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1. You’re embarrassed to share your website with potential clients

2. You’re spending way more hours on your website than you care to admit

3. You’re wasting your time trying to do it all instead of focussing on what you love

4. You don’t have the time to give your all in everything you do anymore

5. You’re a master of your craft but don’t possess the skills to make it shine on social media

6. You feel SO overwhelmed running your business that your online presence is always last on the to do list

7. Your current branding isn’t allowing you to attract the high-end dream clients you want

8. You brand isn’t backed by strategy yet you know how important it is to have one

If you sheepishly nodded your head or screamed yes over your merlot - then I have something big to share with you...

You just got a brand new friend (Oh, hey there!) that can take all that stress away and get you back into your sweet area of expertise.

Running a business doesn't mean you have to be wearing all the hats. Actually, I look GREAT in hats so you're in good hands.

When you aren't focussing on what makes you feel the most fulfilled, then you're literally tossing money on the floor, so let's pick up your brand and make something gorgeous together! We can makeover your business into something you are confident and proud of.

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with RAVING customers and growing WAITING LISTS...

- are ready for growth and change.

- values a put together brand and website. 

- are committed to receiving recommendations and making the required changed to produce results. 

- are ready to invest in a long term and sustainable social media management strategy. 

- understands that social media is constantly changing and our strategies will have to as well. 

- want a business bestie who will help them through it all. 

“Marisa is the best thing that ever happened to my business. I was procrastinating on creating my website for months and months. I reached out to Marisa and we instantly connected and just everything from there has been incredible. She is brilliant and talented and funny and amazing to work with. Now, not only is she the person who created my amazing gorgeous website but she’s also an amazing business friend that I made. So if you’re thinking about working with her, just do it! She’s the best!!” 

Samantha Henske

"Marisa has been a total game changer for my business, Uplifted Salon! As a business owner, I often felt like a one woman show; running the social media, managing a team, endless emails, and no one truly in my corner. Que Marisa, my secret weapon. No more running on a wheel like a hamster. Marisa not only handles our social media, organizes and directs our monthly content photoshoots, helps me brain storm, pushes me to dream big, oh and keeps me overly organized while doing it. If you have found yourself feeling like a hamster running on a wheel, it's time to hire Marisa!" 

Kaylee Concannon

"My business didn't look as fun, cool or professional as it needed to. I loved creating the mood board with Maris and seeing her translate my ideas into her amazing designs was so eye-opening! I can have a cool fun edgy brand! The missing piece was Marisa!  Ten out of ten would work with her again. Marisa is so creative, open and friendly - working with her was a dream! She's also really talented and I am crazy happy with my new branding. We have a really stunning, super unique brand identity because of her. I'm super excited to show it to everyone and to see my business bloom into it's new look!"

Julie Dorset

"Marisa is my secret weapon. I love having her on my team. She has helped me get organized and completely reignited how I run my business. She has created such beautiful branding that truly represents me and my message to the world. I've already gotten so many compliments on my branding, new website and social media! I couldn't be happier with the experience!" 

Angie Tuffin

"If you’re considering rebranding or needing help with starting a professional, eye catching, gorgeous brand and website, you need to go to Marisa! Not only did she exceed my expectations for the amazing quality work that she did, she supported me and my small business entirely and was a friend through it all! She’s soooo easy to vibe with and is so sweet! She just gets what I’m thinking even when I don’t have the best words to explain it and her work and design is flawless!!! I’m so ready to start showing off her amazing work!"

Hailey Heimericks


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